Nothing Changes Until It Changes

Saturday, May 18, 2024

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Nothing Changes Until It Changes

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Have you ever wanted something new in your life? Perhaps you have longed for something different for a while--a new career, a new car, or even a college degree.

I was 47 years old when I realized that if I wanted my circumstances to change; I needed to do something different. The change had to start with me.

What did I desire? Marriage. You see, although I dated and was once engaged, none of the relationships led to a trip to the altar. But at a hotel in upstate New York, a month after I turned 48, everything changed.

In a space with a wrought iron banister and a wood-burning fireplace surrounded by sparkling trees, I declared to a group of women that I would be married within the year. I conceived it, then I believed it, but I didn’t stop there. I moved into action.

I often say, “With momentum comes clarity.” That’s exactly what happened to me. Rather than “waiting” around for a man to come to my house. I put my belief into action:

Worked out at the gym
Got an orthodontist
Saved money for a ceremony
Followed the promptings from the Lord

Determined to couple my faith with action, I positioned myself to receive what I desired. As author, Napoleon Hill states, “If we conceive it, and believe it, we can achieve it.” My faith-filled actions resulted in my being in the right place, at the right time, and ready to meet my soul mate.

Now, fourteen years later, I am a “Single-to-Spouse Support Coach.” I work with saved single women to develop the skills to attract and marry the love of their lives. Through my biblically based coaching program, I equip my clients using a 4-STEPTM framework to become “kingdom” wives so they attract their spouses.

I invite you to think about an incremental change you can make in your life. What’s one thing you can do to bring about your desired transformation? Start today and invest in yourself. Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes!

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Meet Dr. Paula C. Perez 

CEO Of DrP & Me, LLC,
Author | Educator | Speaker | PK | Pastor's Wife |Saved Single-to-Spouse Support Coach

Dr. Perez is a top speaker and relationship coach with a B.S., M.S., C.A.S., and Ed.D. She is a SYMBIS certified Coach and , Nationally Board Certified Teacher who works with single women of faith, using her 4-STEP™ framework to help them enjoy this season as they prepare for the next by doing it God’s way.

She is married and lives in upstate New York.

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