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Does This Sound Like You?

  • Do you feel like... something is wrong with you or your "picker"?
  • Are you tired of ... going home to an empty bed?
  • Does it seem... like everyone is getting married but you?  
  • Are you frustrated that... there are no good men out there?
  • And when it comes down to it, you...  feel like you'll never be a wife!

Are you a single woman of faith?

Ready for
Love & Marriage 


  • ​You are a saved single (never married, divorced, or widowed) ​
  • You are successful in your career but want a personal life.
  • You are afraid your opportunity for a family is slipping away.

We'd love to work with you!

Dr. Paula C. Perez specializes in guiding you on a transformative journey to love, purpose, and personal growth.  She understands that you've achieved success in many areas of your life of life but find yourself still longing for a God-honoring relationship that grows into love and marriage. She'll tailor-make a program just for you that fits your vision for your life!

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"My sister, I see you because I was you! I was single for decades, so, I can relate. When I got married, I was a 49-year-old virgin. My faith-based coaching will compassionately support you through my proven 4-STEP framework so you can attract your ideal partner for a lasting, faith-filled, loving marriage. This biblically grounded, data-informed approach integrates assessments, personal reflection activities, and 1:1 coaching around your relationship goals." ~ Dr. Paula

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Proven Outcomes


"Part of the gifting of Dr. Perez is to offer a word in season to encourage, to be a sounding board, to give ideas, and to offer up strategies to ensure that you [are] taking the right steps to move forward. She helped me to finally take action in my life."



"When we ventured into childhood challenges, it was intense but time well spent, as [Dr.] Perez provided tools to break past behaviors to build a marriage under God with love, trust, and true partnership. We received convicting truth paired with action-oriented guidance. The best part is after working with her, I got married and she and her husband performed the ceremony! 


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Dr. Paula C. Perez is an educator, paid international speaker, international best selling author, and relationship coach committed to helping successful single women of faith move from single to satisfied, and if they desire, a spouse.

Her YANA (You Are Not Alone) Coaching Services help support single women of faith using her proven 4-STEP framework. Fittingly, YANA also means "God is gracious". Her data informed, faith-based approach reminds women of this fact.

Dr. Paula is also a certified SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) coach. She works with never married, divorced and widowed single women. Once the women are in relationship, Dr. Paula continues her support by coaching to the couple providing them with tools that will help them have a lasting and loving marriage relationship. Her passion for serving this population comes from her own experience.

She grew up surrounded by beautiful godly examples of marriage. Her parents, James and Dorothy Childs, have been married over 63 years.

At 16, Paula decided not to have sex until she married. Her 4-STEP framework helped her keep her vow of celibacy until she wed at 49! In December 2010, Dr. Paula married John E. Perez, instantly becoming stepmother to three young adults.

Dr. Paula left her principalship and answered the call from the Lord to enter full-time ministry alongside her husband, who in 2015 was appointed Pastor at Family Transformation, (formerly Faith Temple) a church in upstate New York.

Her writing career started in October 2021. Since then she's published a few best selling books

=> 49-Year-Old Virgin: Delayed Not Denied 
=> BOUNDARIES: Saving Yourself Until Marriage
=> The Gifts of Pain: Daily Stories, Reflections, and Prompts to Find Hope and Healing in Adversity

Her third book, is a collaborative project under the guidance of Dr. Elayna Fernandéz.  The chapter she wrote is entitled, "From Heartbreak to Laughter." The book comes out on June 21.

In 2023, she was awarded the Black Business Achievement Award.

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Her Story Gives Clients Hope!  

"Paula has been chosen as a top Public Speaking Coach by the" ~ Sai Blackbyrn

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